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This Overview is written by John M. Reese, Pres./CEO of InfoBack Corporation. NetOpp(tm) is the network marketing division of InfoBack Corporation.

NetOpp(tm) - The Internet Opportunity

A complete turnkey business opportunity that can be run completely ONLINE and for FREE. You are about to read some valuable information about a new business opportunity on the Internet. This opportunity could possibly change your life, and take the business opportunity market online by storm. The following information will tell you about InfoBack Corporation, and their new opportunity, NetOpp(tm). You owe it to yourself to read this entire document if you are even slightly interested in creating an income online.


My name is John M. Reese, and I am the founder, and current Pres./CEO, of an Internet company known as InfoBack Corporation. Our company, formerly known as InfoBack Services, has been successfully doing business on the Internet since early 1995 - yes, longer than Netscape has been a publicly traded company.

In barely two years, our company has become a very successful international company offering Internet services. Our customers have ranged from the United States to Japan to Australia, and to many other countries around the world. We have developed and now offer many Internet services to the business market - we are currently developing several consumer market services as well. We run our full Internet Network from our offices in sunny Ocala, Florida.


The Internet is an amazing tool that is going to change the way the world does business. All the "hype" over the excitement about the Internet is certainly justified. The Internet represents the greatest business resource since the invention of the television. Some are saying that a company that does not have some kind of "presence" on the Internet within the next five years, will not be in business.

The Internet is a powerful marketing tool for many reasons. Marketing and advertising can be done on the Internet at a mere fraction of the costs of traditional methods. Ever important "networking" with other people can easily be accomplished online. Market research can be easily obtained with a few hours spent on the Internet. Any company can now "appear" to be on the same ground as such corporate giants as AT&T, Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Chevrolet, FedEx, and many others. On the Internet, any company can market online with a professional "presence" and have an instant benefit to their marketing efforts that has never before been possible until now - especially at such a low cost.

The Internet itself is still in its infancy. Many estimate that the Internet will continue its explosive growth for the next several years to come. Millions of individuals and businesses will rush to be a part of this incredible information resource.

One thing is for certain, the demand for Internet marketing services, such as web sites, email-on-demand, and other applications, will continue to grow as millions continue to join this Internet Revolution. We are currently witnessing something so extraordinary to the business world, that there may never be anything again to surpass the sole importance of this international super network known as the Internet.


With the thousands of people logging on to the Internet for the first time each week, many are coming to ask themselves the same question:

"Would it be possible for me to make an income ON THE INTERNET?"

What would be better:

Get out of bed each morning, log on to the Internet, check your email for orders or messages, place a few FREE ads online, and log off.

Many entrepreneurs and business-minded online users have the same thoughts about using the Internet to create part-time or full-time incomes for themselves - right from home with the computer they already own.

It certainly is possible for someone to create an income from marketing on the Internet, and thus the explosive growth and size of the business opportunities market online. It seems almost everywhere you turn: classified ad sections, newsgroups, web sites, and other places, some one is either marketing a product or service, or trying to get you involved in some type of business opportunity.

As an accomplished writer and self-proclaimed Internet Marketing expert, I have spent hundreds of hours researching the business opportunity market online. I have written many articles on Internet Marketing, and they can be regularly found in my company's free email newsletter, the "NetBiz Informer", or they can also be found reprinted by many other online newsletters, and on several business-related web sites.

Let's continue to examine some details about the business opportunity market online.


Regardless of the type of business opportunity you choose online, it will come down to either marketing and selling PRODUCTS or SERVICES.

The marketing of PRODUCTS usually requires stocking and shipping an item yourself, or you will market for a company that will actually "dropship" your orders for you, or just deliver them direct to your customers. Product selling often requires a large investment in inventory, or requires a large number of orders to be able to acheive large profit margins. With product selling, you will usually receive a commission on each order sold. One of the disadvantages for product selling is that you must sustain a large number of new orders each month in order to generate a substantial income.

The marketing and selling of SERVICES has many advantages. If you market services that a customer can continue to use, you can often generate a RESIDUAL commission. A residual commission is simply a commission you receive again and again on a sale you made ONE TIME - provided that customer continues to purchase the service and continue using it. Establishing sales by marketing residual services can often create a more steady flow of income from month-to-month.


We have already established that the marketing and selling of services has many advantages. There are several different services that one can market online, but the best has to be INTERNET SERVICES.

Internet services, like web pages, email-on-demand, and other business marketing services, are one of the hottest and strongest markets online. As the Internet population continues to grow, along with the demand for business services online, the Internet services market will continue to explode. I am not currently talking about "Internet Access." The Internet Access market is currently one that is becoming dominated by large telecommunications companies that could soon be competing with cable companies, satellite companies, and even television companies. The Internet Access market is definitely not one that can easily be marketed by an individual due to the current marketing methods of most access providers.

The problem for most entrepreneurs is that the cost to market and sell Internet services has been generally very expensive - until now. In order to sell Internet services it would usually take a large investment in computer hardware, software, networking costs, consultants, and even require a strong technical knowledge to maintain an Internet network. The business opportunity that you are currently reading about will allow you to cash in on marketing this popular market of Internet services - WITHOUT A LARGE INVESTMENT OR TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE.


Network marketing, often called "multi-level marketing" or MLM, is a method of marketing that is becoming increasingly popular with many companies. Network marketing can often allow a company to reach a wider customer base then they could reach with their own marketing efforts. A company using network marketing to sell its products and services simply compensates individuals for the sales they bring to the company, rather than spend large amounts of capital on traditional methods of advertising. Network marketing is a perfectly legal and legitimate form of marketing for a business, and many companies are finding it is a more cost-effective way to move its goods to customers.

Network marketing also allows an individual marketer to "recruit" other individuals to also market for that company. Not only can an individual earn commissions on the sales they make, but one can also earn commissions on sales made by their "downline", or the marketers that they got involved with the company to do the same. Most network marketing programs pay commissions on an individual's downline through several "levels" of recruited marketers and their sale volumes. Thus an individual has the option to recruit other marketers, and can earn commissions on their sales as well as their own.

Network marketing is taking the Internet by storm. The reason for this is pretty simple. Network marketing programs represent a "numbers game" for one to be ultimately very successful - in other words, having many people in your downline. Well, the Internet is the ultimate "numbers game" because of the millions of people that can currently be found online. And as the Internet continues to grow in size, so do the potential number of possible people to "recruit" into a marketers downline.

INTRODUCING: NetOpp(tm) - The Internet Opportunity

Our company, InfoBack Corporation, has been developing an exciting business opportunity for almost the past two years. By combining the power of network marketing with one of the hottest service markets in the world, Internet services, we believe we have created THE business opportunity for anyone online that would like to earn a part-time or full-time income.

The power of NetOpp is that it is a complete TURNKEY ONLINE BUSINESS. When you join the NetOpp program, you will be given all of the information and instructions that you need to market our services on the Internet - and to earn generous commissions on every sale you bring us. There is no ad writing to do, no guessing where to place ads, or anything else. We will give you the EXACT advertisements to place online, tell you EXACTLY where to place them, and teach you how to easily manage your business and know how much money you are making - AND ALL OF IT IS DONE ONLINE.

You can also earn additional commissions by placing some advertisements online that will tell others about NetOpp. You can build your own "sales organization" of other marketers that you introduce to NetOpp, and you could also earn commissions on their sales every month. The NetOpp program pays up to a generous 57% in commissions through seven levels deep in an organization you can build. Please see our COMPENSATION PLAN for more details on how you can can earn an income with NetOpp.

NetOpp was created to help InfoBack Corporation move into the next century with a large base of international Internet customers - and we will pay you an ongoing monthly income to help us achieve this.


Yes, you can and anyone else can actually join NetOpp(tm) today, absolutely FREE. NetOpp(tm) is always FREE to join and FREE to participate in. You are not required to purchase ANYTHING - no products, services, training aids/fees, application fees, NOTHING. It is absolutely FREE to join. After you look over the details of our COMPENSATION PLAN, be sure to see our information on GETTING STARTED to sign up to join NetOpp(tm) so you can start marketing this exciting new program right away.

* NetOpp(tm) is also the perfect companion to any other MLM program. Any MLM marketer can use the services in NetOpp(tm) to promote another opportunity, and can earn them commissions on any sales they make, and possibly anyone else they get to join NetOpp(tm).

NetOpp(tm) is a trademark and is the network marketing division of InfoBack Corporation. (c)1997 InfoBack Corporation. All rights reserved.

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