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An open letter from my upline, Jim Daniels, publisher of the BizWeb E-Gazette.

Hello everyone.

Jim Daniels from "The BizWeb E-Gazette" here.

Please take a moment to read this message. I'm sure many of you will benefit from it.

With the exception of our many new subscribers, most of you know that I've been publishing "The BizWeb E-Gazette" for a little over six months now. (Not a long time in the real world, but a lifetime in cyberspace.)

The gazette has been an overwhelming success. My thanks go out to all my subscribers and advertisers for making this thing such a hit.

I firmly believe that we've helped many budding netrepreneurs along the way, and that's what really counts.

As most of you also know, it's a rare occasion when I send anything other than each weekly issue to our subscribers. Today is the exception.

Many of you have dealt personally with me, and you know how accomplished I have become online with growing JDD Publishing into a thriving internet based business. Many are also familiar with the articles I have written regarding Internet Marketing. This market is my life, and I know exactly how it works.

The reason I mention this is simple. I've been fortunate enough to know how to spot a good online opportunity when it comes along. And when a genuine biz opp does present itself, I act.

Now it's no secret that many of YOU are constantly on the lookout for genuine business opportunities as well. With that in mind I've decided to inform you all of one such opportunity before the rest of the internet gets wind of it.

This opportunity costs nothing to participate in. It is a FREE TURNKEY ONLINE program.

I have been in close contact lately with John M. Reese, Pres./CEO of InfoBack Corporation. As many of you know, InfoBack Corp has established itself as a leading international services company with it's "email on demand" system.

In what may turn out to be an extremely lucrative venture for many, the start of a brand new network marketing program called NetOpp(tm) is now official as of February 11, 1997.

* Now whether you're a fan of network marketing or not, this program and the timing I present to you today deserves a quick look.

To quote John himself, "From all of our research, we really plan to put the Internet business opportunity market on its ear with this. :) This program has been in development for almost 2 years now, and the Internet market is really going to eat it up."

The program will start with a basic "Pre-Launch" type of phase that will last to about March. We really expect this thing to explode, it's almost scary...

Today I am providing the OPTION to join us in this amazing program - after all, it is possible to join and participate for FREE.

The NetOpp(tm) program has been developed for the sole reason that many online want to make an income from participating in something that is TRULY ONLINE.

This program not only gives many the opportunity to earn a part-time or full-time income online, but it will help InfoBack to reach a wide customer base that it could never reach itself - and they are willing to pay others to help them achieve this.

The program has been developed to have many combined advantages that not ONE current MLM or biz opp online has. The program deals with the marketing of InfoBack's services that now include: autoresponders, web space, domain name accounts, secured forms, and much more - the essential business services that practically every company in the world will need to establish an Internet presence.

InfoBack will continue to add services that Reps will be able to market. They are currently developing consumer-based services, and may even get into nationwide Internet Access when your organizations really develop.

The bottom line is this... Practically everyone online would love to use the Internet a few hours a week to earn an income. Well now they CAN.

NetOpp(tm) will provide individuals the opportunity to place FREE ads online, and to market services that will pay them generous RESIDUAL commissions month after month. And, of course, there is an opportunity to recruit others to earn residual commissions of their sales, etc., etc.

NetOpp(tm) is going to allow someone to place ads online, use Internet marketing tools like autoresponders and web pages to do the selling, and to be able to view the status of their business ENTIRELY ONLINE.

All of the instructions, ad copy, and everything will be given to each representative. There will no need to write ANYTHING - in fact, they won't allow it due to the laws involved. Everyone will just follow the marketing instructions, contact people they know online, place ads in free places, or market it in a few other ways. Bulk emailing of any kind, aside from established newsletters and ezines, will NOT be permitted. If this thing booms and they allow spamming, it could destroy the net, InfoBack, or both.

Never before in the history of the business opportunity market has there been a program that someone could market WITHOUT real "recruiting", phone selling, distributing audio/video tapes, shipping sales material, requiring people to retrieve fax-on-demand info or listening to voicemail, and all of the other things that most MLMs require. There are no conference calls, administered training, pricey entry fees, or any other stuff that is too common with many programs today.

And the other great thing is that NetOpp(tm) will compliment ANY OTHER MLM. Yes, by using the services in NetOpp(tm) they can be used to promote OTHER MLMs. Thousands of MLMers can join the NetOpp(tm) program, earn an income, and use the services to promote their other programs.

This program is pure genius!

This program is truly like none other, and has many advantages over other programs. This program is an HONEST, no BS, business opportunity. There is no "hype", mystery, or misleading things about this program. Everything is straight forward and up front. The program also pays out nearly 60% commissions on a developed downline - unlike 10-25% like many other service-based MLMs.

Well, I have rambled on enough. You decide for yourself if you would like to join our company in marketing this amazing program - I hope each of you do decide to join us. In the near future I would like the satisfaction of knowing I was able to get you started on the most lucrative program you were ever involved in!

Best Regards, Jim Daniels
"The BizWeb E-Gazette"

Details on joining are at the bottom of this message.
------------------------------------------------------------------- NETOPP - THE INTERNET OPPORTUNITY

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NO Video Tapes to distribute
NO Phone Selling required
NO Shipping of Sales Material
NO Paid Advertising required
NO Need to SELL to friends and family
NO Complex Training involved
NO Conference Calls required
NO Seminars required
NO Products to Stock
NO Investment required
NO Billing required
No Accounting required
NO Advertising Copy to Write
NO High Pressure Selling required


FREE Turn-key Online Business
Online Genealogy and Sales Tracking
Promote with FREE Advertising Online
Pre-Written Advertising that can Sell for you
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FREE Permanent Email Address(yourname@NETOPP.COM)
FREE NetOpp Participants Electronic Newsletter
FREE Access to Web Marketing Center

NetOpp Sponsor ID# = RH4197

(* This is very important! You must use this ID# if you wish to join.
Jot it down now so you'll have it handy.)


Visit our Web Site at

*OR* Get INSTANT information by Auto-Reply Email in less than a minute
by sending ANY email message to OVERVIEW@NETOPP.COM.
End of Jim Daniels' message.

This is Robert Haar again!
Well. I certainly could not have said it any better. If you would like more information send an e-mail to the autoresponder at


No message or subject is necessary. You can get an application form by sending a similar e-mail(no subject or message necessary) to


When you fill out the application form, you will be asked for your NetOpp Sponsor's ID#, put ID#=RH4197. This will put you under me, Robert Haar, Todd Peterson and Jim Daniels. You will receive your ID# within 24 hours or so. When you do, please let me know your ID# so that I can make sure that you are receiving all of the pertinent information about NetOpp. I look forward to working with all of you in this adventure!

Todd Peterson

PS; And by way of thanks to Jim Daniels for letting me use his letter, I want to urge you to subscibe to his FREE "BizWeb E-Gazette" by emailing Type Subscibe in the Subject line. It is a great vehicle for information and advertisements.

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