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We Want To Thank You For Making Us the Leader Of Search Engine Submissions In 1996, Now 1997 Just Got Better!

Do it Yourself Free or We Do It For Only $99.99

All submit will include the top search engines such as Alta Vista, Yahoo, Infoseek, Hotbot, Webcrawler, Excite, Lycos, etc...

Thanks to all of you our volume has grown and we would like to pass on the benefits to our clients with these new incentives and in response to numerous requests by you to offer an income opportunity through our new partner reseller program, it's now here!


What You Get When You Use Our Service In 1997

Our New Reseller Program Is The Hottest Turnkey Income Opportunity On The Internet

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Why We Were The Preferred Service On The Web In 1996 and Will continue to Be In 1997!
It's All About Customer Satisfaction!

Q: Why should you use us?
A: THE FACTS: We paid dearly for our education regarding promoting our site when we first launched on the Internet in 1993. We were ripped off and over charged by almost everyone who provided a service to us. They saw a newbie and gouged every penny they could from us! After tens of thousands of dollars wasted, we decided to invest in learning as much about promoting our web site as possible. The end result was bringing our promotion efforts inhouse and controlling the quality and costs ourselves. Not long after we implemented our inhouse program, we found that our costs were dramatically lower than what the so-called experts claimed the costs to be. We enhanced the quality of our efforts by 200%, we were able to accomplish this with more efficiency and saved time. Now we have become the experts and are intent on providing the same quality service to our clients at the affordable price of only $99.99 for submissions to 600+ search engines, without compromising quality. There is no reason to pay more! We know that no-one, no matter how much they charge you has any additional pull with any search engine to get you better positioning or listed faster than we do. However if someone wants your money they may try to convince you of this. We are here to tell you that it is not True. We are so confident about this that if someone can prove the contrary, we will do a 600+ submit for you free! In two years no one has come to us with the news of this amazing ability.

The truth is that the search engines will decide when they are going to post you, where and if indeed they decide to reject you. Web Crawlers and spiders will visit your site when they are sent out on their next seek mission. They do not stop what they are doing just because Joe Blow from XYZ company makes a phone call and tells them to go to your site today! What a fantasy, and if you here this hype it should be a red flag to run from and fast! Remember, when it comes to promoting with search engines and crawlers you will get the same if not better service from us for only $99.99 while the other hype artists we have paid up to $800 for less service, not to mention the lack of support.

Q:How to gain the edge?
A: We help you get the edge on the competition! When you ask us to submit your site to 600+ search engines we just don't begin to submit. We first send you our "Special Search Engine Report" (a $10.95 value) and it's free to you as one of the ways we try to give you the edge. It is packed with information on setting up your html and meta tags to get the best position possible and closest to the top of search engine listings. These are the tricks the pro's use to beat the competition. We have seen similar, inferior reports selling for as much as $29.95. Once again, why pay more or with us why pay at all, it's included with your order. We then give you a 48hr grace period to review your report and make any changes you feel necessary to enhance your site. We are also available for questions and help many companies set up their html and meta tags right, and once again at no additional charge. Once this is complete, we then submit your URL and you know that you have the winning edge.

In addition, many companies voiced their concerns about whether a one time submit would do the trick and if not how can they afford to re-submit from time to time. We went to the drawing board and did our home work. A one time submit helps, but the companies winning on the Internet today are constantly re-submitting. Why? This will ensure that they stay at the top or near the top of all listings and not get burried under all the new listings. It also ensures that any updates to their site are posted on all search engines. Once again we have accommodated our clients with our optional "Auto Re-Submit Program". We will re-submit your site to all the original engines and all new additions every month automatically, if you chose this option, for only $7.95 per month, per URL. We do the remembering for you so you can concentrate on other aspects of your business. Why pay more, no one can offer you any more for less!

Q:How do we keep costs so low?
A: 1. We promote our site every day. Our staff hand picks these sites to submit to, to give the greatest advantage. It only takes another few minutes to do the same for you at the same time and it dosen't cost us any more in labor, saving you big dollars and valuable time. That's efficiency.

2. Every search engine and link has their own protocol of how to fill out their submission form. Do it wrong and you will be excluded. We found this out when we first started by using those budget one form fits all companies and found not only did we waste our money and time, but we also had to correct our position with all those search engines, what a mess. We are experts in filling out forms. What else do doctors do? We spend half of our lives filling out forms. We do it right every time for each submission. We already paid for the mistakes that you don't have to make. We have already done the research and can easily put it to work for you while you sleep. There is no one that compares, because there is no one that has put a system together with the precision of a surgeon that is cost and time effective.

Q: What is the bottom line to you?
A:The bottom line to you is cost effective promotion and fast results. Below are the services short and simple. No strings, no hidden costs, no commitment contracts. Just straight out promotion!

1. For only $99.99 we get you started by promoting you to 600 + search engines, link pages, indices, crawlers, and award granting sites. One flat fee, that's it! This individual process takes us approximately 40 hours to do right. We supply you with a list of them right here at this sight, just click on our MEGALIST above. We also give you our "Special Search Engine Position Report" Free and if that's not enough, we even give you two Free round trip airfares to Hawaii, London, Mexico, Orlando or Bahamas! So if you want to do it yourself, go right ahead. If it takes us 40 hours and we do it every day. It will take you about 100 hours, but will you do it right? It's your time and money. Spend it as you wish!

Q:How do you get started today?
A: 1. Simple: All you have to do is go to the
Online Order Form Once there, just answer the questions one time and submit it to us with your payment. Once we recieve it we have all the information we need and will begin at once to submit you to 600 + search engines, link pages, indices, etc. After you review your special report and make any changes. Now all you have to do is get ready for all the traffic that is going to be coming to your site!

Q: Do you have special rates for web service promoters?
A: YES WE DO! Due to the mountain of requests from our clients and webmasters we have developed a unique program that provides a wonderful income opportunity for many and as your experts we do all the work for you. With this program you need no experience, you can leave the expert work up to us. All you have to do is promote the service and make your money. We will even show you how to promote your submit business free. Think of it as being the same dynamic as your local dry cleaner. You drop off your clothes in the morning, the dry cleaner has a truck pick up your clothes and they are sent to a huge dry cleaning plant. Your clothes are expertly cleaned there and then sent back to your local dry cleaner for you to pick up at 5pm. In this case you are the local dry cleaning store and we are the factory. You promote your service, pass it over to us and we do the rest and send you back the finished result. In turn you make your clients happy. It's that simple. For more details on becoming a reseller today or to signup on line click here or on the menu near the top of the page and you could be making money tomorrow.

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